Moved’s work focuses particularly on the public sector, including higher education institutions. You’ll find that much of the content we write, here and in our newsletter, highlights those areas. However, we also have experience of a range of other sectors, including the legal profession and tech industries, whether for-profit organisations, social enterprises, or charities.

Our approach focuses on values that underpin personal and organisational missions, from getting that next dream job to delivering real organisational change. We have years of experience in improving governance, culture and EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion), and leadership support and development. And we’re experts in navigating the ambiguity and complexity that can challenge even the best-run organisations. 

At the core of our approach is collaboration. We specialise in helping the public sector, and particularly higher education, but we know that every organisation faces a unique mix of challenges and opportunities. So we work with you to understand your mission and values and make them work together. 

You can read more here about some of our work: