Coaching for individuals: Reach your potential

Coaching is a process where someone helps you move yourself from A to B. Perhaps you’re stuck on a problem, building a new team, or trying to join an existing one? Maybe you’re at a critical career juncture, or just looking to become more effective and impactful? You might be a graduate student navigating career choices, a senior leader leading through a crisis, or somewhere in between. Whoever you are, wherever you’re going, we can help you achieve your personal and professional potential.

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Chart your own course (Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash)

What we can offer

Moved offers coaching for individuals ranging from one-off problem-solving sessions to full coaching programmes to support your development. Likewise, we can design the perfect schedule for you as you navigate a critical project or period of change.

We’ve helped people achieve multiple promotions, make breakthroughs in getting their ideas listened to at work, and change how they think about their workplace and their place in its hierarchy. We work with people looking to make specific improvements, such as confidence in presenting at work or interview techniques. But we specialise in coaching for individuals who are encountering or making radical changes.

Because we understand you’re looking for insight and new tools, our coaching focuses on awareness-raising and creativity. Our approach blends insights from experts like Richard Boyatzis (Helping People Change) and Nancy Kline (Time to Think) with empathy, candour and deep listening skills to understand your personal goals, needs, and values.

We tailor our coaching offer to you and your circumstances and follow the EMCC Global Code of Ethics. We offer discounted rates for graduate students and early-career professionals, and we even work pro bono in some cases. Because money shouldn’t be an obstacle to growth.

If you want to find out more, you can book a free 25-minute Exploratory Session with us now. Or contact us for more information about our coaching programmes and our bespoke 90-minute one-off coaching sessions for problem solving.