Moved has one goal: to help make workplaces and work-life better for everyone. Whether you’re trying to shape your own career, or shaping a whole organisation, we’re specialists in achieving your goals.

If you’re an individual, we can help you change career, get promoted, or overcome a difficult time at work. We offer a free weekly newsletter with tips, advice, and insights. Subscribers will also get exclusive access and discounts on courses (like our 15-day accountability and motivation course), e-books, and our 1:1 transformational coaching and mentoring.

And, if you’re ready, book an exploratory coaching session with Dominique at the bottom of this page. It’s completely free and can help you identify your goals and plan to achieve them!

If you’re representing an organisation, see how we can help you make your organisation wonderful on our Consulting Services page. We specialise in changing culture and working on equity, diversity and inclusion projects that make a real difference. We have deep knowledge of the public sector and higher education, as well as the legal profession and tech industry. But however good our background, every organisation is different. That’s why we always work in collaboration with you. Our Expertise pages tell the story of how we do that.

Because whatever it is you need, you deserve to work with specialists in achieving your goals. We’re looking forward to working with you.